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Holy Family Conservatory of Music
2406 South Alverno Road
Manitowoc, WI  54220-9319
Sister Carol Ann Gambsky  920-686-6264

Director of Education
Dr. Stanislava Varshavsky 920-686-6264
Children's Choir Director
Private Studio Contact Phone Numbers:
Sister Angela Paul  920-686-6269                          
Sister Antonice Lauer  920-686-6265     
Sister Rosaire Pigeon   920-686-6266 
Sister Carol Ann Gambsky  920-686-6264
Sister M. Lucianna Derus   920-686-6266
Sister Mary Carol Kopecky   920-686-6267
Sister Marsaia Kaster  920-686-6269
Emma McAlister 920-686-6268
Sister Marcus Steede  920-686-6268 



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