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Holy Family Conservatory of Music will be offering group piano, percussion, and violin (Suzuki method) classes for children ages 4-12 and adults at our new Franciscan Center for Music Education and Performance.With group Guitar Classes your child can meet children with the same passion and level of skill in their class. In our beginner guitar lessons, your child could make potential friends, where they will all grow and learn together. It builds future relationships which can help aid and even strengthen your child’s musical potential. Adult classes for guitar are offered as well. Piano Classes for children are designed to help them discover the world of piano through games, ear training, rhythm activities and keyboard playing. Students will learn a new piece each week. Adult classes are perfect for people who have always longed to play piano, but have little or no experience. Percussion is one of the few practices that includes visual based learning. This means that students are able to not only hear different pitches, rhythms, and sounds but also see them. Because of this, the student can grasp the concept at hand faster and learn more efficiently. The Violin Suzuki Method creates an environment where anyone can learn music. Just as every child learns to speak their native language, the same principles of language acquisition can be applied to learning music. This “mother-tongue approach” is comprised of: parent involvement, beginning early, listening, repetitions, and encouragement. The Suzuki Method sets the student up for success by emphasizing ear training, techniqual skills, musicianship, and personal growth. 

The goal of all classes is to establish a lifelong love of music and a solid musical foundation that can be applied to any instrument. Classes will be held once a week, for 7 weeks, starting October 30, 2017. Limit 6-8 students per class depends on instrument.

Please make checks payable to the Holy Family Conservatory of Music.

To reserve your spot please email Dr. Stanislava Varshavski, Director of Education, at stas742003@yahoo.com. For more information about the classes, please email Dr. Stanislava Varshavski, Director of Education, at stas742003@yahoo.com.


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