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Holy Family Conservatory of Music has a long tradition of a very high standard of music education. The Conservatory faculty members are highly skilled and dedicated professionals. There is a unique chance for children to choose what they want to learn. There are piano, violin, percussion, guitar, and harp group classes for beginners. At the same time the Conservatory offers private instruction on piano, violin and viola, harp, guitar, percussion, voice, and wind instruments.


Even little ones can learn music because the Conservatory has a “Music for Tots” program that includes very young children, 6 months to 5 years old. Adults need not feel left behind because the Conservatory offers group classes for adults too. Many parents like to play instrumental duet music with their children. This is a fantastic way to have a quality time for the entire family! Now is the time to sign up for your choice of Group Classes, Private Lessons, Music for TOTs or Children's Choir.  

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