PIANO CLASSES FOR CHILDREN are designed to help them discover the world of piano through games, ear training, rhythm activities and keyboard playing. Students will learn new pieces each week and have performances. Piano is one of the most natural instruments to approach. Taking piano class improves coordination, memory, social skills, and attention to details. Tuition: $119.00  for seven 45-minute classes.


PIANO CLASSES FOR ADULTS are 45 minutes each to teach the basics of playing piano in a fun, collegial setting. Students will learn correct hand position, simple music theory, note-reading, and basic chords. 

Students who sign up for subsequent 7-week sessions will extend their knowledge, learn accompaniment patterns and focus on more difficult repertoire. While a piano is great, adults who have an electronic keyboard will also achieve great success. Tuition: $119.00 for seven 45-minute classes.


varshavskidma@fscc-calledtobe.org or call at: 920-645-6565

Please note that there is no refund for online payment should the student discontinue lessons during the session. If unique circumstances pertain to an individual situation please do not hesitate to call the Conservatory Administrator Sister Carol Ann Gambsky at 920-645-6564 or Director of Music Education Dr. Stanislava Varshavski at 920-645-6565