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Music for Tots™ Program Locations


Ebenezer United Church of Christ

3215 Saemann Avenue

Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53081

(Ebenezer is located on the corner of Taylor Drive and Saemann Avenue)


Franciscan Center for Music Education and Performance

Holy Family Conservatory of Music

6751 Calumet Ave.

Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220

Questions ?

Please call Music for Tots™ Program Administrator 

Sister Carol Ann Gambsky at 920-645-6564

What is Music for Tots™ ? 

Tots from birth to age five are enrolled in a ten-week music class each semester, fall and spring. Each class is limited to eight children of the same general age.

Outcomes of Music for Tots™

Parents and teachers involved in the Music for Tots™ program offered through Holy Family Conservatory of Music readily affirm that participation in these music classes improves not only the tonal, listening, rhythmic and coordination skills of the children, but their verbal and socialization skills as well as their ability to follow directions, focus attention, and share with their peers. Above all, music enriches the lives of these children for a lifetime.

When are TOTS classes offered?

Classes are offered on Tuesdays. The Fall Session begins the second week of September. The Spring Session begins in January.

Who can enroll and how long are the classes?    

Music for Tots™ classes are scheduled during the morning and late afternoon/early evening hours. There are 30-minute classes for children from infancy to three years of age, and 40-minute classes for older threes, fours and fives. Parents participate with their children in classes for infants and toddlers. In the transition age of three, the children become more independent. In classes of three-and-a-half to five-year-olds, the preschoolers participate in songs, rhythm games and activities independently, with parents present but not actively involved.

What is the cost of Tots™?  

*Ten 30-minute classes cost $85.00  (1-3 years old)      

*Ten 40-minute classes cost $85.00 (3+years old)   


Please note that there is no refund for online payment should the student discontinue Music for Tots™ during the session. If unique circumstances pertain to an individual situation please do not hesitate to call the Conservatory Administrator Sister Carol Ann Gambsky at 920-645-6564.
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